Sunbird 1600mm Wingspan Balsa Wood RC Airplane KIT "Teekini"

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Прозводитель: "Teekini"

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Sunbird 1600mm Wingspan Balsa Wood RC Airplane KIT Description: Iten Name: Sunbird  Balsa Wood Kit Wingspan:1600mm Length:850mm Material: Balsa wood ESC:15Amp Flying weight:450-650g Recommended Battery:2 or 3s 1300mah Lipo battery Propeller size:8x4   Features: Here's another of our superb Laser Cut Balsa Kits for the traditional R/C hobbyist and builder who enjoys constructing models from kit form. The Sunbird is an all built up 1600mm, 4 channel, electric powered glider - with a little 'old timer' flavour mixed in!  the Kit features sharp accurate laser cut parts that simply slot together with little fuss and the wing looks fantastic when covered with transparent covering to show of the construction and your handywork. The power system can be a simple small outtrunner and 2s battery, using micro servos to keep her nice and light. The resulting model is a great little park fly electric glider that performs well and has aileron/elevator/rudder/motor control. The Sunbird is tough enough to handle the odd 'oops!' moment from novice flyers and compact enough to be transported easily. Note: Kit only, not included film covering and other electronics  Package Included: 1xSunbird 1600mm Wingspan Balsa Wood RC Airplane KIT


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